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MIUI V5 (Android 4.2.x)용 커널이 많지않은 관계로 타 커스텀롬용을 MIUI용으로 수정한 커널들 모음입니다.

Modified Kernels for MIUI

Here are some of the popular kernels modified with MIUI kernel's ramdisk.
All of them are tested and working on MIUI 3.6.21 (miuiandroid.com).
Too bad I can't get FuguMod r1142 to boot.


Note for Fancy Kernel

The ROM will be VERY laggy after booting. This is normal and it should be back to speed after a few seconds.

Kernels that should work without any modifications:

  • Trinity.
  • Tinykernel.


If your favorite kernel is not listed, post it here with a link to its thread. I'll try to make it work with MIUI (no promises).


I do not claim ownership and responsibility for any of those kernels I made available for download. You are at your own risk for any loss of function/data and any damage caused.

출처 ; http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=42901340&postcount=206


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